SEVESKIG / (un)decided by Takanori Nagano

It seems like there’s a lot of time between shows but we already have to be at SHIBUYA PARCO’s rooftop garden.

Planes routinely crisscross the overcast sky. A choppy voice declares over the speakers: “War is over. Fourth world is over - if you want it. Love is over. The show must go on.” I’m unexpectedly placed in a pensive mood about the State Of Things.

The attendee in red sitting in the middle of the runway continues to catch my eye. I’m half watching the show and half peering through everyone’s iPhones. I’m inside a kaleidescope aimed at a world of crocheted masks, tulle shrugs and leather jackets. 

Prior to the show, guests were invited to download the COCOAR app. Some of us are watching an augmented reality: a procession of frogs, ducks, cats, and dinosaurs (?) celebrating the show. 

A flash of purple catches my eye. It’s a parka with knit sleeves...and gloves. No, wait! As the model turns, you see it’s a scarf, it crosses over itself. It’s a new cold weather accessory to covet - a scarf/mitten hybrid - I’m instantly smitten (haha).

That’s not all! Crocheted masks to go incognito but still as inviting as cup of tea with grandma. If that’s not enough coverage, a horned acorn helmet will do the trick. The balaclava has stiff competition.

With plenty of options to shield us from (the) cold, hard truths, Seveskig offers something to believe in - fashionable practicality that is anything but quiet.