Hiroaki Sueyasu

S/S ‘25 | Paris

June 23, 2024
By Miu Xia 

Held at the beautiful Chapelle expiatoire, Hiroaki Sueyasu’s show titled “999” marked the fourth year his brand KIDILL presented at Paris Fashion Week, an event the Fukuoka-born designer aims to always push the boundaries of. Sueyasu explained the significance of angel numbers “999”: an inversion from the devil’s “666” (nodding to the brand name’s coinage of pureness within chaos), and ultimately, a tribute to punk rap duo Ho99o9 (pronounced “Horror”).

KIDILL, whose many collections are inspired by music and art, was especially intrigued by Ho99o9’s embodiment of desire and progress, as well as their frenetic stage presence and costumes. The “999” show is KIDILL’s first collection inspired by people, capturing the punk duo’s inimitable spirit of DIY design.

KIDILL’S ample use of lace is a direct reference to the iconic wedding dress Ho99o9’s member theOGM is famously known to wear to shows, while counterpart Yeti Bones typically sports an elaborate face and head covering.

Though inspired by the Lolita fashion sub-culture based in the Harajuku streets KIDILL has taken up residence in, Sueyasu’s years of living in London are still evident in his designs rich with red plaid. A liberal use of metallic zippers, spiked collars and frayed denim juxtaposed by generous amounts tulle, shades of pink, and forest fairy head-dresses echo what KIDILL’s muse Ho99o9 has never been afraid to say: “No-one will ever be us.

Photo credit: Courtesy of KIDILL

Video Source: KIDILL YouTube